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What we get asked most

1.  Q - What is the difference between small group camps and regular boot camps? A - Small group camps are motivating like large camps because of working out with others, but are more personalized to each individual, measurements are taken, nutrition counseling is available and exercise corrections are made more easily. Group numbers are limited to eight.

2. Q - in a private facility, don't you have a lack of equipment for my training?  A.- Actually, this is far from the truth. True, we have less equipment than most box gyms, but the functional equipment we do have allows us to do hundreds of different exercises, burning calories, while we focus on building your body for outside daily life. In fact it bothers us that personal training has become cookie cutter and that trainers would take money to put people on machines they could accomplish themselves.

3. Q -  Do you take insurance for physio-therapy? A  - No I do not..... and that is actually a good thing. We can treat the source of your pain even if the pain is somewhere else in your body. Insurance protocols make this very difficult. Charges to insurance can be a guessing game and delay your treatment. in addition we control costs and attempt to get you a fixed rate, close to your co-pays as a discount cash rate. We save money and time this way and pass the savings on to you.

4. Q - but, I need the payments towards my deductables. Would i be better off using my insurance? A - We can help by providing you a super-bill, that you turn into your insurance. In most cases you will get credit towards your deductibles and even reimbursement if you are over the deductible. 

5.  Q - What are your hours, and when are you available? A - When do you need help. That pretty much sums it up. The only day we are closed is saturday, Christmas and thanksgiving.

6. q - How much for PErsonal Training Assessments? A - free. That's how we work with you to determine your needs. Upon completion you will have the exact cost of your program. no pressure on our end.

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